For Hope Christian High School, the school year 2020-21 is not just remembered as the school year of the pandemic. It is also the school year of challenges and positive changes, the year of the successful accreditation of the school by the International Baccalaureate (IB), an international organization offering four internationally-acclaimed educational programs including the Primary Year Program (PYP) for children aged three to twelve.  Originally, the visiting accreditation committee coming from various IB schools in the Asian region was scheduled to visit the school in April of 2020, but due to the international lockdown, it was canceled. A few months later, in September, the committee came through virtually, and a few weeks after, the school was finally accredited.   

How did this significant event that took years of preparation happen? Here is the report from the student journalists of the Campus Journalism Program.

HCHS pole vaults into the 21st century with the IB PYP Program

Hope Christian High School Principal Mrs. Angeline Tan–Tiller heartily shared her experiences of challenges and victories, as she described and put into reality the IB PYP (International Baccalaureate Primary Year Program) curriculum that benefits our young 21st century learners.

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The Dynamics of Learning and PYP: An Interview with the Lower Elementary Coordinators of Hope Christian High School

With the adoption of the Primary Year Program at HCHS in the midst of the pandemic, the coordinators at the lower elementary grade levels put in their thoughts on the dynamics of the Montessori approach, socialization, the concept of play, and the newly accredited PYP in the equation of successful learning.

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Latest News and Updates

“Tuned-In 2021”

“Tuned-In 2021” Here are the Top 5 performances of the recently concluded “Tuned-In 2021”. The event was opened to our…

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The Home Vloggers

The Home Vloggers     Vlogging is the new normal. We can’t deny that vlogs are rampant in today’s era.  People from…

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Unlocking Children’s Imagination

When children play, they do need materials, but they don’t have to be store-bought toys. Ordinary boxes can be made into a tunnel, bed, cellphone, house, swim ring, and a long gown… For children, an ordinary stick can be a back-scratcher, a pair of chopsticks, a fishing rod, a barbell, and a cross… Through play, kids could indeed express their feelings and ideas and come to new understanding.

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日常起居 由于地球自身持续不停地转动,因此有了白昼和黑夜的出现。中国俗语说:日出而作,日入而息。本单元旨在培养学生有着规律的作息生活,以促进身体的健康,提高学习的效率。 七、八年级第三单元主题:世界如何运作课文题目:日常起居

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“我的社区” 五年级(Gr.5) 五年级本单元主题课文是”我的社区”. 为了让学生更了解”社区”(Community)的意义.老师们亲自到学校附近拍攝”社区”实景.

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Every Praise (Virtual Performance by Hope Handmimers

Exploring Educational Apps

For many years, Blended Learning has made some inroads into the classroom, with some teachers providing brick-and-mortar lessons coupled with the use of Google Classroom or Schoology for students to refer to their assignments and clarify instructions. Still, the majority of educators have stayed away from what is perceived as the impersonal nature of virtual learning.

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New Normal

My Thoughts About Online Classes

Reinventing The School year 2020-2021

Never in history has education changed so drastically than during the Pandemic of 2020. Watershed moments in history changed the way we taught, with radio at the turn of the 20th century, television in the 1950s, personal computing in the 1980s, and the internet in the 1990s, but in the 2020s? It all happened in one fell swoop, having to dramatically switch to virtual learning.

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New normal, new learnings

All The Time, And Anytime

New Technology for the Graphic Artists

The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity.John F. Kennedy

“Never let a serious crisis go to waste . . . it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel

For the following students who were thrust into a learning environment where projects have gone digital, this ‘crisis’ has turned into opportunities to learn new means of visual expressions. Using various video, graphics, and paint apps such as Sketchbook, Canva, and VN Video Editor, students have turned their projects into stunning visuals. Read their reflections and find out how they’ve created these noteworthy media projects.

Working Virtually Using Canva and Medibang

Learning New Skills in the New Normal