Never in history has education changed so drastically than during the pandemic of 2020. Watershed moments in history changed the way we taught, with radio at the turn of the 20th century, a television in the 1950s, personal computing in the 1980s, and the internet in the 1990s, but in the 2020s? It all happened in one fell swoop, having to dramatically switch to virtual learning. We all had to scramble to learn Zoom or Google Meet, maneuver Breakout Rooms, and navigate through countless collaborative apps. There was hardly any time to learn the new technologies of virtual learning, but with patience and perseverance, we’re all climbing this steep learning curve, and managing . . . perhaps simply surviving.

But how do students think and feel about all these changes? How are they coping with losing the face-to-face interaction of the brick-and-mortar learning? How are they learning with these new technologies?

At the occasion of the founding anniversary of Hope Christian High School, we are giving voice to students to express how they feel about and to reflect on this “New Normal’—how they are managing the changes.

The first sections in this anthology—in prose and poetry— focus on their experiences dealing with the difficult initial adjustments to the change. The succeeding sections shift to the way they are learning new technologies.

Read and marvel at the way these students handle and redefine the school year!

New normal, new learnings

by Rianne Pocsidio,
I developed inquirer the most. I form queries on my mind. These questions I created and chose. Will help me learn more as I find.

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All The Time, And Anytime

In many different ways, I have a lot that I’ve learned. IB reflective , balanced, that I’ve earned.

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To Zoom, or to Not?

To Zoom, or to Not? by Charlize Jenna Ang (Grade 11) On an early, sleazy morning, Jenna had prepared herself…

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The New Normal

The New Normal by Kaitlyn Sy (Grade 10) During mid to late 2019, a past virus from China seemed to…

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The New Learning Mode

The New Learning Mode by Kyler Riley Ching Grade 5 Since we started learning on-line, I have had to study…

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The New Normal of HCHS

The New Normal of HCHS by Chloe Alaina W. Chan (Grade 4) Before in Hope Christian High School, I used…

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New Normal

New Normal by Apple Lu (Grade 11) I start each day with online class, Hoping the net would work so…

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Different by Sherrie Manrique (Grade 11) I have never experienced virtual classes. I never expect it to be like this.…

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PANDEMIC (COVID-19) by Cleone Danine Pantig Grade 8 Pandemic! Pandemic! Is it a mimic or just a tactic? Pandemic is a…

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Six Hopeless Months

Six Hopeless Months by Moriah Ysabel Son (Grade 8) A pandemic has taken over, Six months since lockdown, Being worried…

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Schooling from Home

Schooling from Home by Simon Jaxith T. Martinez Grade 8 Pandemic may be inconvenient and full of sorrow. We may…

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Embracing Our New Normal

Embracing Our New Normal by Laiza Denise C.Cua (Grade 8) Unusual things from our normal lifestyle, There’s a virus in…

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Amidst The Darkness

Amidst The Darkness by Jasmine Szyann T. Lu (Grade 8) COVID-19, a word that brings fear, no cure when infected…

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Experience in this New Learning Set Up

Experience in this New Learning Set Up by Jerry Lim (Grade 11)   Introduction For some, the Covid virus was…

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On Life’s Experiences

On the first day in August 3
It’s when we got intel about school
And that by the end of the day we would be free
Of course they started with the rules
Cameras on and mic muted is needed
Having no distractions and limitations succeeded

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