How the 89th National Book Week Changed Students’ Perception about the Library

How the 89th National Book Week Changed Students’ Perception about the Library

The 89th National Book Week Celebration started on January 31, 2024. Six publishersparticipated in the ongoing celebration: CLC Publications, Learning Is Fun, Lampara Books, Scholastic, Grolier, and the newly-established SMLAT Publishing.

Students, parents, and teachers went to the book fair to browse through the productsthat the publication companies offered — from activity books and novels to stationery productslike journals and to-do lists, as well as card and board games like Uno and Snakes and Ladders. Students enthusiastically bought these products and brought their parents with them. LamparaBooks also brought their mascot with them, with whom children enjoyed taking pictures. Asidefrom the mascot, students from preschool also wore costumes to represent their favorite fictional characters.

The preschool students also received awards from the librarians, such as ActiveListener Award and Top Book Borrower Award. Each grade level in preschool also receivedawards for the Most Behaved Class. Moreover, three Senior High School students, Nathaniel Marcuss Tan, Zhiheng Liu, and Jonalyn Kaye Prusia, volunteered as storytellers for thepreschool students, using the book The Most Magnificent Idea by Ashley Spires. The storyisabout creativity, resilience, perseverance, and understanding that mistakes will be made alongtheway; therefore trusting in one’s abilities will help one to make it through hardships.

Aside from the book fair and storytelling, the librarians also conducted a programcalled the Library Café. Students can sit, read, or play games with their friends, and eat freesnacks provided at the counter. The activity became a huge hit that the librarians decidedtoinclude elementary students in the Library Café the next day.

The National Book Week celebration ended on February 2, 2024, Friday. The studentswere disappointed that the book fair and the Library Café ended soon and that they did not get tofully enjoy it because of the limited snacks and seats. But they hope that the next book fair will be as good as this one.