Jillian Rae R. Chua

Bianca O. Tolentino

David Samuel V. Ang

Jed Michael L. Valencia

Dominique T. Ly

So, Trisha Mae R

So, Janine Abigail

Kayla Mae V. Quismundo

Samara Francine C. Gaerlan

Alaine Janelle C. Dypua

Jerica Grace I. Ching

Julleanne May Ang

Alaine Janelle C. Dypua

Jackie C. Yu

Jan Kieffer D. Tagle

Jeanin Jaydee J. Chung

Justice Jhosep Y. Lopez (Embers 1980)

To God be the glory! HCHS congratulates Justice Jhosep Y. Lopez (Embers 1980) on his recent appointment as the new Supreme Court Associate Justice. We are proud of you – a leader for God and man!

Dr. Lester Lloyd Vinz C. Ngo

Morisson Ezra O. Wong Gonzales

Gladys Larissa V. Armada

Herald Jervy D. Go

Herald Jervy D. Go
Physician Licensure Passer