Navigating the Corridors of the Three Branches of the Philippine Government.

Navigating the Corridors of the Three Branches of the Philippine Government.

Grade 11 and 12 HUMSS students went on a two-day exposure tour to the three branches of the Philippine government on January 24 and 26, 2024, as part of their specialized subject, Philippine Politics and Governance. The first stop was the Senate of the Philippines, where students learned about the duty of the legislative branch of government. They were able to see the Senate hearing on charter change. The two itineraries for day two were the executive branch’s Malacañang Presidential Museum and Library and the judiciary branch’s Supreme Court of the Philippines. After getting familiar with the duties of the judicial branch of government, the students paid a courtesy call to Associate Justice Jhosep Y. Lopez, a Hope Christian High School alumnus. Lastly, the life and works of our beloved Philippine presidents were showcased at the Malacañang Presidential Museum and Library.

Some reflections of the students who joined the exposure trip:

“The trip we had last week was a real eye-opening experience.”

“As a HUMSS student and citizen, this experience made me more enlightened about how things work in the country…this trip made me more informed and knowledgeable to which such learning that I got can be a tool that I can apply in my life.”

“I was amazed at the depth of Philippine politics as I told my parents tales of senators, justices, and unanticipated comedic moments. These encounters left a lasting impression and gave me a firsthand grasp of the complexity, differences, and diverse personalities that characterize the political scene.”

“Overall, it was an exposure trip that I would never forget. It showed me how all that we are currently studying really connects and clearly elaborates more on the three branches of our government.”

Photos by Alyssa Melano and HUMSS students