For many years, Blended Learning has made some inroads into the classroom, with some teachers providing brick-and-mortar lessons coupled with the use of Google Classroom or Schoology to refer to their assignments and clarify instructions. Still, the majority of educators have stayed away from what is perceived as the impersonal nature of virtual learning.

However, the pandemic brought about the biggest challenge to educators. All of a sudden, they are thrust into a situation of no escape. Teachers had to find ways to make virtual learning more engaging, but with everyone’s patience and persistence, students ventured into Zoom to meet their teachers and classroom, use Quizziz or Kahoot, Jamboard for collaborative activity, and try Nearpod features for various ways to participate in real-time. The apps may crash at times or the internet intermittently may lag, students still gamely try.

Hear these students reflect on how these apps have helped raise their anxiety level, but as time goes on they develop ability to adapt and learn.

New Normal

First of all, the way we learned last year was more fun and interesting. During those times we could communicate with our classmates, teachers and other staff in the school.

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My Thoughts About Online Classes

My Thoughts About Online Classesby Stephen Joaquin S. Dominguez (Grade 7) Now, in 2020, many things have changed, I study…

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Adapting To The New Normal

by Edley Stan Cheng (Grade 7) Learning last year was pretty “normal” and learning was pretty easy. We had a lot…

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The New Normal

On August 3, 2020, She sat down in front of her computer waiting patiently for the teacher to admit her to the online zoom for the first day of class. During the wait, she felt anxious and nervous for she had thought it would be a disastrous day.

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Learning Virtually

Learning over the past years was so embracing to our minds as if we learned physically ever since kindergarten. We have explored so much more by the use of libraries, laboratories, Com Lab, and more. By the use of these platforms, we could really observe, reflect, and feel the topic more because we could really see it physically. During group works, mates could easily communicate and enlighten each other in this way we could pass things in advance. Learning over the past years was so convenient, enhancing, and intuitive.

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My Academic Journey With The Pandemic COVID-19

by Juliana Kristen  Ngo (Grade 7) “How has the use of Zoom, Breakout Rooms, Nearpod, Quizizz, and other apps changed…

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