Hope PYP Students as Leaders of Learning

To culminate their IB-PYP learning journey, students need to participate in the PYP Exhibition (PYPX). The PYPX aims to engage the students in an in-depth and collaborative inquiry on issues around the world. It allows the students to demonstrate their skills in research, problem-solving, collaboration, and critical thinking. This event allows the students to translate what they learn into practice. This year’s PYP Exhibition focuses on the central idea that “Significant events raise influential people who help address recurring issues that have local and global impacts”, which was done virtually. Articles and videos of different real-life issues were provided to help them decide on their topic of interest. The grade 6 learners chose to work on and explored the following topics: “Health”, “Pollution”, “Climate Change”, “Poverty”, “Racism”, “Nature” and “Education in the New Normal”. PYPX mentors were also carefully selected to help guide the students as they dig deeper into their chosen topic. The grade 6 learners investigated, collaborated, and connected with different people who specialize or are actively involve in their chosen topic of interest. Students came up with a plan of actions (solutions) feasible for implementation and employed the power of media to reach out and connect to more people. Some groups utilized awareness campaigns like blogs, Instagram, Facebook page, and conducted zoom meetings with other students. Others take part in becoming a solution to the issues – they planted trees, segregated trash, and make recycling a habit. A handful coordinated with para-organizations for their action plan. At the end of their PYP journey, students not only become more knowledgeable but have become more active, caring, and responsible individuals as they create new learnings.

Health 身体健康

COVID-19 is a threat to all walks of life. It is an invisible enemy that produces disastrous effects not only on PEOPLE but also on the ECONOMY. What can we do to combat this enemy? STAY home, because VICTORY starts at home. Let us beat COVID-19 TOGETHER.
新冠肺炎 是对各行各业的威胁。它是一个无形的敌人,不仅对人民而且对经济造成灾难性影响。我们能做些什么来对抗这个敌人呢?待在家里,因为胜利从家里开始。让我们一起战胜新冠肺炎。

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