Six Hopeless Months

Six Hopeless Months

by Moriah Ysabel Son (Grade 8)

A pandemic has taken over,
Six months since lockdown,
Being worried about what has to come,
With Millions of people dying;
Wiped out of the earth just like that.

Families are grieving,
Parents are losing their jobs,
The citizens are distressed,
And front liners are risking their lives,
Leaving us no more hope for a brighter future.

Values— traits that reflect on us;
Open-mindedness compassion, respect—
Wearing a face mask when going out;
Service to others and positivity—
Our front-liners who showed their willingness to serve.

Positivity— a way to fight this crisis.
In a world full of hopelessness,
One’s positivity can change everything.
We citizens should unite and help one another.
God has a plan for us, so let us not be hopeless;