by Cleone Danine Pantig Grade 8

Pandemic! Pandemic! Is it a mimic or just a tactic?

Pandemic is a disease, an outbreak that spreads over Atlantic,
Let’s be careful and conscious if our place has a Pandemic,
It greatly affects people’s life and mindset than an epidemic,
It takes away the lives of our love ones, oh what a tragic!
Let’s be vigilant, sympathetic and don’t ever panic.

Pandemic! You’re not an asset but rather a liability,
People are so affected that it distract their mobility,
Even our country and its economy has lessen its stability,
But don’t be dismayed, Pandemic has also an advantage,
We have time to clean, fix things which we mismanage,
We have more time to bond with family which I long to engage.

What to do? Paranoid? Traumatized? Just follow safety precaution,
Wash your hands with soap, and spray alcohol for sanitation,
Wearing of face mask and face shield for early prevention,
Social distancing of 3 feet apart should be given attention,
Avoid going outside if it’s not necessary, that’s a strict instruction!
Let’s all do it for a better nations and avoid further complication.

This virus cause havoc around the world’s airwave,
People of all walks of life were in chaos and in rave,
Our nation and neighboring nations were seriously in grave,
Time for us to unite, be strong, be resilient and be brave,
Values like courage, strength, compliant is needed to be save,
Moreover, discipline, determination, and dignity is a must-have.

In this kind of calamity, there’s evidence of insanity and brutality,
This poses an exceptional challenge for mankind and humanity,
Adhere the goal of encouraging high level of compliance and unity,
Let’s join hand in hand and exercise the spirit of camaraderie,
Donate, volunteer, self-sacrifice, reach-out is the best personality,
Let’s entice Christianity to support each other’s mentality and morality.