by Sherrie Manrique (Grade 11)

I have never experienced virtual classes.
I never expect it to be like this.
I’ve never felt so anxious before.
There were so many of us,
Are not used for virtual classes.
I see many faces on my device.
Online classes were not my thing.
I know each one of us was new.
I felt very uncomfortable.
I never want to speak to the class.
Everything was so different.

After weeks of virtual classes,
I got familiar with the apps.
Everything is fine unlike the previous days.
Back then I was very confused,
I had to adjust several things for the classes,
Some of us were having problems.

It was much easier right now,
I always remind myself to have some rest.
I never want my eyes to be so exhausted.
There were times my eyes hurt,
Since the whole class is seven hours.
I wish myself good luck.

There were times that I missed the class,
Because of internet problems.
I never wanted to miss class.
I hope they lessen the assignments.
I have problems too,
Not only in school.
I always want to have rest.
I feel like giving up sometimes.
I have to do things every single day
Sometimes I forgot to do my daily routine.
I even forgot to eat meals.
I stopped having chats with my family.

I want to finish this school year.
I really want to finish everything.
I still continue to do things for myself.
I really hope the pandemic will end.