New Normal

New Normal by Crissa Jhoelyn B. Fernandez (Grade 7)

First of all, the way we learned last year was more fun and interesting. During those times we could communicate with our classmates, teachers and other staff in the school. The advantages in learning face to face is that when we have group works, projects, and activities, we could easily interact and communicate and easily understand the instructions. But somehow there is pandemic came. Face to face learning ended because Covid 19 has spread so fast.

For me online learning is really hard not only that it’s distracting, it is also annoying because we are not used to it. During these times it’s really hard to learn but we are all lucky that we can learn.  Somehow even though the Covid 19 is a hindrance to learning, our teachers and classmates are thankfully helping us and teaching us.  We are thankful we have gadgets and WiFi networks that we can used to have online learning access.  I’m thankful that there are other way to learn as we use these following apps:  Zoom and Google Classroom, Breakout Room, Nearpod, Jamboard, Quizizz, iMovie, etc. 

Most importantly, I learned to be patient, have faith, and hope that this will end soon. My thoughts and challenges are normal because we all know that these things happen in our lives. For me when I face or someone in my family or friends face challenges I pray that God will help them get through it. That’s why we should not lose hope that this will not end. That’s why we should cooperate and think as we not as me because every life matter.