My Thoughts About Online Classes

My Thoughts About Online Classes
by Stephen Joaquin S. Dominguez (Grade 7)

Now, in 2020, many things have changed, I study at my home, do my assignments with my gadgets, and also listen to the teacher on my laptop. This is because of the coronavirus. It makes me and my generation to stay at home, and so instead we study at our houses. And even though we have some difficulties with this new normal, I try to learn from it, like when I didn’t know how to edit a video for a performance task, so my dad helped me to figure it out and also some video tutorials.

Online classes are sometimes annoying for me like when I have a bad internet connection that I get disconnected from a zoom class/meetings and sometimes I can’t hear the teacher’s voice or whenever it is lagging, the teacher’s voice is blurry. Some of the teachers make me and my classmates play some games like Kahoot, Quizizz and etc. But sometimes I get annoyed because I can’t see the multiple choices and the questions in the game (like Kahoot), so all the time, I split my screen so I can see the screen of the teacher with the multiple choices and questions while I answer it. Every day, some of my friends don’t want to show their faces because they are shy, so every time, my teachers tell them to open their video cam and it was annoying for teachers and me. But the good thing about the new normal is that I instead do my projects mostly on my laptop so I will not get tired of writing in a notebook or paper. But the sad thing is that my friends and I don’t see each other face to face because we have this virus situation, but it’s ok because we have contacts with each other.

Before school started, I had a lot of expectations in the online classes; I thought about how we do our tests, my assignments, my projects etc. Online classes helped me to be good at many things, like when editing a video, making a slide presentation and more, but before I did that, I’ve been in many problems when improving these assignments, because I’m not really good at using laptops or PC. But because I strive and am willing to study, I try to figure out a solution. I sometimes ask my dad to help me in using my laptop or when my parents are gone, I watch video tutorials. The online games that the teacher is giving to me and my classmates were helpful too, because they challenge me to be better at a topic.

Life is easier now but it is a little sad that I don’t get to see my friends and teachers face to face because I was used to it. I didn’t expect that our dismissal would be a half of a day because usually, I finish school in a day for about nine hours, and of course, I am now in high school and that means my projects will be a little harder which means I really need to focus on my screen and do the things I need to do, sometimes my eyes hurt when doing my projects but it’s ok because It’s a natural part of online classes. I’m just saying that life is now easier but the sad thing is that I wouldn’t see my friends and my family relatives because of the pandemic situation in this world.