February was STEM month for Hope Christian High School. Students and teachers collaborated to prepare events focused on the theme of “Science for the People.” Activities include the daily Fact or Bluff, Ice cream making demonstration, pGLO Bacteria Transformation Kit, Chemistry Magic Show, and the HCHS Cerebral Challenge.

On February 6, the daily Fact or Bluff kicked off the celebration to challenge both elementary and Junior high school students to answer trivia questions. They were encouraged to submit their answers in drop boxes placed in their respective areas.

Senior high school students participated in the pGLO Bacteria Transformation Kit activity. This enhanced their classroom learning with a hands-on experiment. Guest speakers from Bio-Rad Incorporated gave an orientation at the Alumni Lounge last February 19, 2018. Mr. Rodel S. Pendergat. supervised the students in this activity.

The Seniors also showcased their Chemical know-how in the Chemistry Magic Show presented to the Juniors. This activity was held at the Chemistry laboratory and Alumni building from February 20–22, 2018 under the supervision of Mr. Brylle Raphael U. Bigcas.


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