In the spirit of festivity, Hope Christian High School Preschool Department planned some interesting activities for the students to welcome the Chinese New Year. This year, New Year ’s Eve on the Chinese Lunar calendar falls on Valentine’s day in the Gregorian calendar. The 12 Chinese zodiac signs 十二生肖 were posted on the bulletin in the Preschool lobby. Words of blessings (春联) on huge red strips of papers framed the classroom’s doors.  The morning air was filled with holiday cheers as pupils and parents greeted each other “Gong Xi Xin Nian” 恭喜新年with Chinese New Year songs playing in the background. Everyone was thrilled to join the New Year’s activities.

            Parents surrounded the Preschool gym while their children got ready in their respective classrooms. At 9 am, students paraded out in their vibrantly red Chinese costumes.  Chen Mei Jiao Laoshi (陈梅娇老师) led the opening prayer.  Then, parents watched joyfully as Chen Jia Qi Laoshi (陈嘉琪老师) led the students performed an energetic group exercise with their colorful shakers. This was followed by Chinese New Year song numbers from different grade levels. Another highlight was the Hope Preschool cultural dance troop’s rendition of the song “Red New Year”. Their red Chinese costumes made them all look adorable as each child’s face beamed with confidence. All the children played different games afterwards. Parents filled the gym and lobby areas to capture the moments of fun and laughter: memories to cherish in the years to come.

            The sounds of cheer faded as the children returned to their respective classrooms to freshen up. The festivities continued in the classrooms as Chinese food of the season were served to the children for their snacks. The children were taught how to greet one another Xin Nian Hao 新年好, Gong Xi Xin Nian恭喜新年。There were storytelling and film showing in each classroom, introducing them to the culture and practices of the New Year celebration. Finally, students received and held their red pockets 红包tightly as they bid goodbyes to their teachers.  Children excitedly shared with their parents their experiences as they left the school walking hand in hand. It was a fun-filled day of stories and new learnings to share as the children welcomed the New Year.

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