Embracing Our New Normal

Embracing Our New Normal

by Laiza Denise C.Cua (Grade 8)

Unusual things from our normal lifestyle,
There’s a virus in disguise,
Things we need to get used to,
Wearing masks and face shields too,
Rules of malls, pharmacies, food chains, and other establishments.
People risking lives to help the sick and give some aid,
Our front liners and heroes as they’ve said.

Spending more time with our loved ones,
We are able to explore more things that we never did even once,
Things that we used to enjoy on a beautiful summer day,
Like swimming in the beach and sightseeing for one whole day,
Dining out, watching movies, bonding with friends for now we cannot have,
but as for now we must embrace the thing we called online schooling.

Free food and goodies were given by the government from left to right,
But it seems, people are still unhappy and feel that they were stripped out of rights,
Daily cases of affected people still increases,
People don’t mind of what the real meaning of that cases;
It seems it easier for us to complain,
Rather to listen on how they explain.

In situation like this, challenges need to be faced,
Chin up, tidied up, put on your gear,
Drink and eat healthy, take a lot of vitamin C,
For us to foresee,
At the end of the day, that virus is not a dangerous thing to have,
But rather just a simple virus anyone can have.