Amidst The Darkness

Amidst The Darkness

by Jasmine Szyann T. Lu (Grade 8)

COVID-19, a word that brings fear,
no cure when infected it’s quite severe,
the world stands still that is for sure,
praying for miracle for a cure.

This pandemic brought forth catastrophes,
sickness, death and retrenchment;
collapsed of businesses affected economies,
now where do we seek for enlightenment?

Indeed this pandemic created panic, for
I too suffered from some anxiety, this has
turned out quite problematic, admittedly
for the whole of humanity.

The world is reeling with this crisis,
Looking for ways to stop this contagion,
after thorough study and analysis,
Hoping for a positive direction.

Amidst the darkness, light will shine, so
worry not for we are assured,
Somehow someday, everything will be fine,
God will make way for us to feel secured.

In His hands we lay our fate,
This pandemic has taught us faith,
stand up, be brave and move on,
it is time for us to carry on.