Bible TV Show “Superbook” Reimagined

Travel back in time and meet characters from the Bible come to life

Superbook is a Christian animation series which was initially created back in the 80’s to reach out and share the gospel to the nation of Japan. Today, Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) Asia is committing itself once again to reintroducing the series to children worldwide through Superbook Reimagined.

Last July 19, 2016, Hope had the privilege to learn more about this when CBN-Asia’s Special Projects Manager Icko Gonzales, and Researcher and Producer Desiree Galolo, along with other CBN-Asia employees and freelancers/volunteers visited and joined the children for a delightful viewing party. Still firm on the show’s mission, Gonzales simply reiterated their goals of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ so that everyone they encounter will be led to their salvation. The  new Superbook shall also honor the life-changing legacy of the classic series and re-introduce it to a new generation.

In this time of rapid change, it is heartwarming to observe that children responded as enthusiastically to Superbook as they did in the 1980s. The message of the gospel is timeless, and will eternally speak to the hearts of those who hear it. Superbook Reimagined is CBN-Asia’s way of planting the seeds of the gospel to children all over Asia, just as Hope Christian High School’s way is providing quality Christian education relevant to the changes and challenges of the times for the glory of God.

Superbook has more than 500 million viewers, 52 episodes were translated in 43 languages, and broadcast in 106 countries. You can catch the Superbook Reimagined new third season this coming January 2017 every Sunday, 9:30 AM when you tune in to ABS-CBN.

With reports from Christine Sim 


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