Hope Campaigns Against Cyberbullying

We say NO to hate, and reckless keyboard warriors

To maintain its stand against cyberbullying, Hope through Angeline Tan and Grace Tan, the school’s principal and vice principal respectively, organized and hosted a seminar to further talk about this topic last August 10, 2016 at the Theater Hall. Inviting a familiar face, an alumnus of Hope and currently ABS-CBN’s Digital Media Division’s head officer Donald Patrick Lim served as the resource speaker.

During the talk, Lim shared about four important points he learned from having experienced his own fair share of cyberbullying. The four points are:

  • Learn what cyberbullying actually is. To address this issue, one must know what it actually is and the many forms it take.
  • Know the reason why people do it. Ranging from getting revenge to just getting reactions, it helps to learn the intention of the bully himself/herself.
  • Observe the effects of cyberbullying. Once you know the gravity of its effects, many people would probably think more before speaking, in person or online.
  • Prevent, stop, respond to it appropriately. Two wrongs don’t make a right. If you feel you’re on the receiving end of the bullying, perhaps it’s better to take the high road as Lim cautions, “the more you post, the more the bully has on you”.

So far the school year has been a blast, and adding seminars like these only gives the students more things to look forward to, and more people to look up to.

With reports from Joshua Sim. Photo from antibullyingpro.com.

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