Adapting To The New Normal

by Edley Stan Cheng (Grade 7)

Learning last year was pretty “normal” and learning was pretty easy. We had a lot of “normal” activities and they were fun! I loved the way we learned last time. It was pretty effective and had a little problem. Our activities back then were effective in letting us learn more. I loved the way we learned last time and it was good. 

Learning now takes a lot of adaptations. Right now, I had to learn to use Zoom, to annotate, and to join the meetings and breakout rooms. In Google classroom, I had to learn to use and check classwork and turn them in. The newest thing I learned was Nearpod because it was very unique compared to Google classroom. Quizziz was the most fun because it was a very fun game and took very fast to learn. 

In spite of these challenges, I learned to adapt to new circumstances. I want to have more mild changes like this so that I can learn to adapt a lot and in case there is a big change, then I can adapt faster. These challenges help us a lot to show that the world does not always work in the way that we want. We should always be ready for these kinds of changes so that we will be ready for big changes.  Hence, we must enjoy our time without changes but always be ready for changes.