HCHS’s Boy Scouts move online

Written by Scout Master Lamberto Armada

Scouting is a movement for the youth; a worthwhile activity to develop the young in civic responsibility, skills and character among others. 

Since the students are stuck mostly at home, the scouts in high school learn basic electronics. They had sessions dedicated to exploring their interests. For example, there was a demonstration of how an old printer motor could be converted into an emergency hand crank power generator to charge cellular phones, light LEDs and generate small amounts of electricity.

For the elementary students, they were taught to recycle and reuse old newspapers through origami. An example was shown on how to make an airplane fly straight for a longer time and  also how to make paper shurikens and butterflies. Last year, they were taught how to make a Pikachu paper origami and Minecraft toy models with the use of their printer. 

Scouting is fun with a purpose. Stay tuned for more activities whether online or on-site. The scouts are encouraged to, “do a good turn daily,” even though they are at home. Activities that promote self-confidence and improve  social skills are also utilized. The Show and Tell sessions helped them express themselves and allowed a better understanding of their fellow scouts.