Family comes first

Family Comes First

Family Comes First

No pandemic can stop Hope Christian High School from equipping and inspiring its youngest learners. For the first unit of inquiry, the Nursery Class looked into the topic closest to their hearts – their family!

Through reading of storybooks and viewing several photographs, the students observed that families come in different sizes. The students had numerous “Show & Tell” sessions thru Zoom Meeting to share their likes and dislikes and also their parents’ favorite activities and food.

The inquiry revealed that the parents shape the child’s interests. The students enjoy the same interests as their parents, from riding bikes, swimming, collecting dolls, reading books, watching TV, drinking Yakult to liking the character Hulk. Grandparents play a role in the lives of the students too. They are the doting contributors of dolls, stuffed toy animals, Curious George Books and Pororo juices.

The parents likewise help the students develop life skills, which include folding clothes, putting dishes in the sink, doing the screw of battery-operated toys, and cooking simple dishes. Parents also consider regular brushing of teeth and learning the Chinese language as significant. Developing in the students the habit of praying and the attitude of respect for the elderly turned up in the discussion as well.

Indeed, family relationships play a part in the development of our identity.

Parents influence the children’s interests.
Parents likewise help their children to develop life skills.