ENGLISH MONTH CELEBRATION: Adventure through Reading 2017 “A Read-Together Activity with Parents”

This school year, the Hope Preschool Department commenced the English Month with a parent-and-child activity from October 2 to 6. Prior to that week, the department sent out a letter inviting the parents to join their child’s classes for a special story reading time. The invitation was warmly received as several parents joined this guided reading activity led by the English preschool teachers.

During the scheduled reading period, each student held similar copies of a pre-selected book. Parents were encouraged to sit beside their children and read along with them and their respective teacher. Different storybooks were used in each class, namely Eric Carle’s “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” for the Toddler-Joy Class, Dr. Seuss’ “Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?” for the Nursery classes, Eric Carle’s “The Little Cloud” for Kinder-Faithfulness, and Joyce Piap Go’s Bee Series books for the Junior Kinder classes, Kinder-Goodness and Kinder-Gentleness.

The students were delighted to see their parents reading with them in the classroom. And so the Hope Preschool Department has also opened its door for parents who are willing to read storybooks or retell other children’s literature in the preschool classes. Parent-volunteers are welcome throughout the school year.

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