the new normal

The New Normal

by Ranmaie Ashley S. Cariño (Grade 7)

On August 3, 2020, She sat down in front of her computer waiting patiently for the teacher to admit her to the online zoom for the first day of class. During the wait, she felt anxious and nervous for she had thought it would be a disastrous day. She also felt scared that the teachers might be very strict and very mean to her. She had hoped that everything would turn out fine, and it did. The teachers weren’t as mean and strict as she thought it would be.  She felt glad that she got to meet all of her classmates again for so long and she also felt relieved that everyone in the class is all doing fine during the quarantine break. This made her very happy that she decided that after the zoom meeting she would celebrate on her own in celebration of the first day of class and the beginning of The new normal. 

It actually took her a while to get the hang of it. But as months passed, she became more comfortable with the technologies provided by the teachers. She giggles every time the teacher asks the students to go to that application/website. She immediately remembers the time when she stayed up so late so that she can be familiarized with the applications and websites. She finds this quite hilarious because the teacher explained the next day how to use the online applications/websites anyway.