The Home Vloggers

The Home Vloggers    

Vlogging is the new normal. We can’t deny that vlogs are rampant in today’s era.  People from various generations are creatively making content that lets other people see a little piece of their lives. Vlogs are usually made by adults. But, do you think a 5-6 year-old can make a vlog?  

     If an adult can vlog, a child can do it too. Last October 21, 2020, the Kinder Goodness learners excitedly showcased their house. Through the help of their parents, they were able to give the audience a peek of their own personal space. They were able to communicate what constitutes a home – rooms, things, people in the house etc. 

    In the following meeting, Kinder Goodness had a shared inquiry in their Zoom class. They compared a house made by their classmate and a home vlog located in India. Then, they were asked to make an independent inquiry. They had their agency on what video made by their classmates they want to compare their home. They recorded the findings in a graphic organizer. They were able to make a Venn Diagram to show the similarities and differences.

    Could you imagine that? A young individual can make a vlog. Not just that, they were also able to make a graphic organizer. Isn’t it amazing? They are risk-takers! They are communicators! They are thinkers! But most importantly, they became open-minded as they respect the similarities and differences of their homes.