The Earth Heroes

Written by Jacqueline A. Ferrer

Imagine a perfect world. What do you see? Are there trees, plants, and flowers? Are the beaches and other water forms clean? Are there birds in the air and fishes under the sea? Is the air clean? Is it litter-free? Are those also what you imagined? 

God created the Earth and filled it with his other creations. It was all good and amazing! But then, people tend to do actions that harm his creations. As stewards of God’s creations, our planet Earth needs our help to thrive.

So, what did the Kinder classes learn and do to save the Earth? The young learners were able to recognize the different problems of the earth and its causes. They learned the different types of pollution (land, water, and air) that affect our daily lives and harm our planet. Moreover, the learners were able to do various simple ways of helping the planet during Zoom classes such as planting seeds, making fertilizers, and recycling materials like oil and paper. They learned simple practices from various resources. The Kinder learners also enjoyed and became observant of the different experiments they did like the fireworks in the glass, bread decomposing, and air pollution inside and outside the house. 

Saving the Earth would be possible if we do it together. We need to start to teach our learners to protect the place we are living in as young as they are. Through the guidance of the parents of our learners, they were able to learn more ways and do simple practices that they can do at home. Indeed, the Kinder learners are caring! Their simple steps can make a big impact. They are Earth heroes in their simple ways!