Kids Can Help

Written by Jackie Lorraine Ty

Nursery’s inquiry on “Spaces and Facilities” was confined in the learners’ homes because of the pandemic.  Since they could not freely go out and spend time in public places, they simply explored the different rooms in their house.  The young learners learned the names of common household tools and facilities.  They learned to arrange things and clean up spaces in their homes.  At home and in Zoom classes, parents and teachers modeled the steps to set the table, wash the dishes, cook rice, prepare milk and coffee, and the like.

Through the guidance and support of the parents and household helpers, the learners have started to develop self-reliance and a sense of responsibility.  The videos of the learners in their digital portfolio (Seesaw) also showed their bonding moment with their parents, teamwork with yayas, and pride in completing  the chores they started.  Without a doubt, young children can help!