STEM 11 Class celebrates virtual Christmas party

STEM 11 Class celebrates virtual Christmas party

By John Nicolas L. Donado

The first Christmas Party in the new normal virtually happened in one of Hope Christian High School’s classrooms on December 19, 2020 at 8 a.m.

The STEM 11 class, under the advisory of Mrs. Janeth Tecson, together with her students organized the said virtual party playing games, eating their favorite food, and strengthening their bond as they celebrated the birth of CHRIST.

Phoenixe Juan, the class president said, “It was undoubtedly a successful event. Who would have thought that what was unimaginable before is now the new normal! Honestly, having a virtual party is really no different from the face to face. It is still the same, minus the food, of course!”

Another student commented,“The possibilities of implementing virtual meetings as parties are endless.”   Another noted in Filipino, “Kasi, it’s less magastos, konting preparation time lang, and super saya pa kasi lahat makaka-attend kahit saan ka pa.  (It was less costly, required little preparation but was a lot of fun.  All could join anywhere they are.)  It was a successful event, and for now, I don’t mind if this will be our future.”

Mrs. Tecson gave the Christmas message and devotion during the celebration. The event ended with a closing prayer led by Chloe Anne Venus.