Social Issues made Relevant, Today

Written by Layton Jan M. Tee

Hope Christian High School, (HCHS) through its vision and mission aims to produce young men and women who are holistically developed and are potential thought-leaders in their respective fields of our society. The subjects and courses offered in the Junior High School and the Senior High School are designed to help HCHS students develop critical-thinking skills and form sound opinions on contemporary issues. HCHS also recognizes that technological advancements are a staple in today’s education, hence, the institution introduced iPad usage and technological integration in the educators’ pedagogy. 

With the advent of the development of fast-paced digital media in many of the fields of information and communication, educators are now challenged to integrate this into the traditional pedagogy to cope with the ever-changing field of education. As such, output-based tasks are introduced in the classroom as an innovation in measuring learning and knowledge application to students. 

Social issues may be a completely sleep-inducing topic in class but if merged with mainstream digital media platforms and presentations, turns into a relevant concept that becomes within grasp of our students. Such are the meme-based outputs of the Grade 12 HUMSS students in their Philippine Politics and Governance course. 

With the use of quotation memes, the practical applications on selected social issues of these ideologies were to level the discourse of political ideologies to the understanding of the laymen. A practice of putting academic theories to practical knowledge relevant to the everyday lives of people – especially to the Generation Z. Through these efforts, especially making students see the relevance of academic concepts in their lives with the use of different media platforms, HCHS hopes to have each graduate leave the institution willing to participate in nation-building.