SHS Presentations Reimagined

Written by Layton Jan M. Tee

Presentations Reimagined

The pandemic has reinforced the shift of knowledge delivery from personal interaction to digital facilitation. In myriad ways, teachers and students alike have to immediately adjust with how their courses and activities are delivered. As such, applications that were once used only for hobbies and crafts-related purposes have now become educational tools as well. From the manila papers, rolling boards and overhead projectors that were used to present pieces of information in class, nowadays, students and educators have tons of applications to create presentations  that can be a great hit in classes. 

Introducing the task outputs Grades 11 and 12 GAS and HUMSS students made for one of their Social Science topics. Back in the days where poster presentations are reserved in research conferences college and university students attend to, now, with just a few clicks on their editing application like Canva, students can turn any phrase, fragment or full-blown essays to a fantastic visual; where infographics a painstaking task to do reserved for tech geniuses, students can now use templates to design, plan and create their ultimate presentation outputs!

Such advancements and tools that are now within reach to us educators and our students are the reality of knowledge facilitation. After, it has been there unnoticed many years ago, presently nudge to our digital classrooms a bit by the pandemic.  We may begin to wonder, where could these applications take our knowledge from here, post-pandemic? 

Infographics Output Pitch

Check out these infographics created by the Grades 11 and 12 HUMSS and GAS students on the different Social Science disciplines! A testimony of the creativity and ingenuity of our HCHS students with the design applications that they can deploy in presenting relevant information to the public! With such talent and tools at their disposal, what more outputs and initiatives can HCHS students produce post-pandemic? 

Video Output Pitch

Even at home and with the pandemic at large, our Grade 12 students have stepped up to the challenge of unleashing their God-given talents and skills in utilizing edit and design applications to produce quality video presentations that are worth the hype! The reinforcement of digital projects as measures of students’ learning have given birth to such outputs as these – truly an innovation of the HCHSian education.