Preschool Department STEM Week

The Preschool Department celebrated STEM Week last March 3. The kids were treated to fun experiments and interesting discussions through a virtual assembly. 

The teachers guided their classes in a short stretching exercise to wake everyone up  and get them ready for the activities ahead! They were given a short orientation on the activities for the day to help them understand better the scientific concepts behind their activities. 

The Junior Kinder and Kinder students learned about optical illusions and created thaumatropes. A thaumatrope is an optical toy with different drawings on the other side that when spun together quickly creates an optical illusion of the full image.  

Teacher Hannah caught the kids’ attention by showing them pictures of old Disney movie characters. She started off the discussion on optical illusions by showing the students a video on the animation process from 1938. Then, she explained how movements were simulated by the flipbook technique as shown in the videos that were animated using this technique.

Meanwhile, the Nursery and Toddler classes were invited to bring their toys for a short experiment to see whether or not their toys would sink or float. They then created boats out of clay to learn about buoyancy.