Nursery’s Classic Games with a Twist

Written by Jackie Lorraine Ty

Children like gadgets. But they also like the good old classic games.  Since the young learners could not gather in the school playground, the Nursery teachers thought of modifying the games like “Ring Around the Rosie” and “Hide & Seek” to suit the virtual set-up.

Ring-Around-the-Rosie helped the children to develop a sense of timing and patience because they got to wait for the right moment to fall down on the ground. It encouraged them to socialize, play, sing and move.  On the other hand,  Hide-and-Seek aided their agility and coordination as they tried to get into the perfect hiding places.  The game also helps  them learn to self-regulate as they need to stay quiet or steady while in hiding.      

The  Nursery learners surely had fun since they love to hold hands, fall down and jump up again.  Special thanks to the adults who were willing to play traditional  games with the children!