Learning New Skills in the New Normal

Learning New Skills in the New Normal by Kandy Ty (Grade 9)

autodeskBecause of the pandemic, most of our school work had to be done digitally.  One of the apps I have had to learn for my school projects is Sketchbook

Compared with hand drawing, digital drawing has more possibilities, but to use it you need to be more familiar with its operation, and for me this is a big challenge.  It is not as easy as hand drawing because it’s digital, as it is hard for me to control the lines I draw. 

During the drawing process, I had to revise the drawings many times.  Often I accidentally drew on the wrong layer, so I had to redraw again.  Although the process of doing this project was not smooth.  It enabled me to gain experience and skills.  In spite of the inconveniences, it helped me to be more familiar with the operation of computers.  It also enabled me learn some new painting skills as I learned a lot of new functions in the app that I had not learned before.