Grade 6 Endurance class with Teacher Jonalyn Mabanes

The students of Grade 6 Endurance class watched a video about a group of people with different nationalities visiting a foreign country. The people in the video excitedly discovered their similarities and differences with each other. After watching the video, Teacher Jona asked her class to choose 4 nationalities and make a Venn Diagram of what they had in common, and what they didn’t have in common.

To further digest what they learned from the video, the class was divided into pairs to discuss the video and answer an activity sheet. Since one student did not have a classmate to pair with, Teacher Aimee Wong (the Chinese teacher of Grade 6 Endurance) paired with her. The IB-PYP (International Baccalaureate-Primary Years Program) curriculum requires that the Chinese teachers use this curriculum to teach too, and the Chinese teachers work together with the English teachers.

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