Elementary (Lower Primary) Department STEM Week

Hope Christian High School’s Lower Primary Department celebrated STEM Week this March 7 – 11, with the theme of “STEM Futures: Expanding our Horizons”. The purpose of STEM Week is to expose the students to different activities in science, math, technology and engineering to help hone their skills and cultivate their passion in STEM. In line with this, students were treated to special lectures and fun experiments that they could do in class. This is to show the students that there are several real-world applications to the scientific concepts that they’ve learned. The students all had very tasty and fun activities to help stimulate their interest in STEM. 

The First Grade students had a beautiful and delicious activity where they created rainbows by dissolving their candies in water.

The Second  Grade students enjoyed a tasty and fun activity where they created towers with marshmallows. 

The Third  Grade students also performed a cool activity, perfect for beating the summer heat, where they learned to create their very own ice cream. 

Each class then watched a video detailing the instructions to their activity while teachers made sure to facilitate by answering any of the questions the students might have and guiding the students who were getting lost with the activity. Finally, when the students were finished with their activities they learned about the scientific concepts behind each of their experiments.