CNY 2022 Preschool Celebration

CNY 2022 Preschool Celebration

Last January 31, Hope Christian High School’s Preschoolers celebrated Chinese New Year with a fun and exciting program! 

After a short prayer, the students celebrated with songs and dances. They were then treated to a short video informing them all about Chinese New Year – its customs, common sayings, traditions, and the usual practices done during the event. 

The Nursery and Toddler classes played a round of Bingo using common Chinese New Year symbols and were treated to a special performance by one of their classmates. 

The students in the Junior Kinder grade played a color association game relating to the common items found during Chinese New Year. 

While the students in Kinder played an exciting round of Kahoot, where they were quizzed on their knowledge of Chinese New Year trivia and traditions.  

Finally, the students had their snack time, where they chatted and ate the Chinese food they had been instructed to bring beforehand. .