SCO (School City Organization) Opening Activity

Led by Mayor Cheena Jhasmine Chua, the SCO started the school year 2018-2019 with an energetic Opening Activity. This activity aimed to inform the studentry about the HCHS way of life and its Christian values through a fun-filled day full of games. The Icebreaker game enabled students from 3 different grade levels to get to know each other.

The SCO officers also led the students in the Earthquake, Fire, and Tsunami drill so that they would know what to do when those natural disasters occur.

The students also played a Hope Trivia game with questions such as:

What is the no iPad day? What is the meaning of HOPE? What are the names of your teachers? Where are the drinking fountains located?

The Trivia game allowed both new and old students to be familiar with the unique way of life and Christian values being fostered in Hope.

The SCO officers also came up with a contest using puzzles and riddles. Each group of students was given an envelope with a sentence puzzle, the task to be performed, and the riddle to the next destination. The groups had to solve the puzzle by arranging the words correctly to form a rule/policy in the school. While competing to have the honor of being the fastest group, the students were learning about what to do and what not to do in school.

At the end of the Opening Activity, despite the sweaty and tired appearances, the students had smiles on their faces. Learning truly was fun!

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