Go Natural!

The 2nd activity organized by the SCO (School City Organization) was Go Natural! The studentry learned about the wonders of God’s creation of the plants that we eat and use every day. Students from Grades 1-6 were assigned to inform the students of Grades 7-12 about fruits and vegetables. This they did with much excitement and creativity. Ampalaya (bitter gourd) was assigned to the Grade 4 Serenity class. After explaining the benefits of ampalaya, they asked the visitors to taste the ampalaya dishes they prepared — including ampalaya ice cream!

The Grade 7 students discussed and prepared several delicious vegetable dishes like pinakbet.

The Grade 8 students used medicinal plants in the dishes they prepared.

The Grade 9 students ingeniously made some natural household products.

The Grade 10 students made biodegradable dining and kitchen utensils.

The Grade 11 students discussed the benefits and uses of herbs.

Lastly, the Grade 12 students used natural food preservation techniques to make tasty dishes like bagoong, sardines, strawberry jam, grape juice, and corn in jars.

Indeed, when God brought forth vegetables and fruits on the 3rd day of creation, it was good.

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