Unit 2, Finding Out LOI #2 Activity

By: Ruth Danielle G. Olemos-Espartero

In this LOI, we invited a guest speaker to help us find out our LOI #2- The influence of cultural and social norms on how we choose to present ourselves. Our guest speaker has been living in Vietnam for 2 decades. He is a pastor of a church and he is also an English teacher there too. He shared to us the different cultural and social norms in Vietnam, how did he cope with their norms, and he helped the students to answer our BIG QUESTION for the LOI #2 which is – How do our cultural and social norms influence us?

Some student takeaways during the engagement were that cultural norms have a big impact on how people dress and present themselves. Vietnamese and Filipinos have the same values that’s why some Filipinos there didn’t adjust that much in the country’s culture. Moreover, it’s important to avoid judging other people’s way of dress because that might mean something else in their culture.