Sorting Out Engagement

Written by Ruth Danielle Olemos

Unit 4 – Where we are in Place and Time

Central Idea: Exploration leads to discoveries, opportunities and new understanding.

LOI #1: Reasons for Exploration

LOI #2: How Explorations Have Taken Place Over Time

LOI #3: Consequences of Exploration

As we approached the end of the unit, the students used their thinking skills and self-management skills to reflect and organize their gained knowledge and gathered information about the unit – Where we are in Place and Time. In this unit we talked about the different explorers from the past and also the present time. We found out the different reasons why people explore (LOI 1), how exploration has taken place over time (LOI 2), and the different reasons for exploration (LOI 3). In this engagement the students were divided into 5 groups and chose the appropriate graphic organizers to use within their groups using Google Jamboard. 

Here are some of the pictures  from this Unit of Inquiry engagement.